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Samuel Venable

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Download from xProcess from instead; Execute Shell is no longer receiving updates in favor of xProcess which offers a lot more functionality (which can be seen in the screenshots on this page). Download here. Add me on Discord to get faster support than email: Samuel Venable#5465. MIT license. Source Included.

xProcess Extension FAQ

How to execute a program asynchronously? execute_shell(prog, arg).

How to execute a program synchronously? execute_program(prog, arg, wait).

How to read from standard output and standard error? evaluate_command(prog, arg).

How to open a local folder in the default file manager? open_folder(dname).

How to open a website URL in the default web browser? open_url(url).

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 9.3.0. Published October 5, 2018

Please replace all Scripts and Included Files in your existing projects to apply this update!!!

  • Added support for macOS.

GMS2 - Version 9.7.0. Published November 11, 2019

GMS2.3 - Version 100.5.0. Published October 10, 2021

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