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Simplest menu for your games! If you wanna add menu, but won't make them perfect, or good enough yet? This is right for you dude! It's simplest as possible! Also it's need's only one object for whole menu!

To create rooms use several functions: MenuCreateRooms and list2 Example: MenuCreateRooms(list2("main", "options", "exit", "")); This will add 4 rooms

To force player to go to certain room use MenuGoto(room);

Also you can use linear approach for buttons, by calling MenuLinear([0-1]); Make offset? MenuOffset(x, y);

Add buttons? MenuButtonAdd(room, script / room, title);

If you wanna add button, which will use values? You can do that with: MenuButtonAdd(room, script for certain button, "Title {Variable}"); values[? "Variable"] = value;

If you need to change some values in buttons in running game just add assign expression before MenuButtonAdd! Like so: Variable = MenuButtonAdd("options", someOption, "Some option {someVal}");

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published June 24, 2017

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