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TTS Android Basic is a text to speech extension for Android and is compatible with GMS 1 AND GMS 2! You must have the android module to use it. This extension will let you input text and have the computer speak the text. Example project is included and a readme file is also included in the included files of the example project. Below is a list of the available functions and return type names from the extension:

Functions- 1. endTTS()- shuts down TTS. make sure to call this before ending game! 2. speakIT()- ciri speaks whatever text you input. 3. SstInit()- call once to start text to speech, only call again if you've called endTTS() and want to restart text to speech. 4. canSpeak()- check weather text to speech is initialized. Returns integer 0 for not initialized or 1 for is initialized. 5. countryC(String)- change the default language, string can be "usa", "canada", "germany", "italy", "japan" or "china". 6,7. permissions. 8. adjPitch(double)- adjust the pitch, must be greater than 0.0, lower number = deeper the voice 1.0 is normal. 9. adjSpeed(double)- adjust the speed, must be greater than 0.0, lower number = slower speech. 10. interuptSpeech()- Stops the speech currently being spoken.

Social async types returned to gms: NOTE all values are returned as strings 1. initted- Query weather TTS is running. 2. whostalking- Returns as a string value "0" when computer is done speaking, and "2" when computer starts speaking. 3. compsays- Converts Computer's spoken words to text.

Here is a link to a completed test APK so you can check it out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4uEFC9Ii8BnMzdINFlNamhxS3M

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a tts engine on your android device, most android devices come with the engine but most do not have the language plugins, but the extension will prompt you to install them if they are missing. ALSO the chinese and japanese languages require a 3rd party tts engine and language plugins to work and they may have to be installed manually, but that shouldn't be a problem if you live in those countries.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 3.0.0. Published July 24, 2017

New for version 3 -Added function interuptSpeech() that can be used to stop the speech currently being spoken.

NOTE: In the gms2 example project that's included in the included files, I updated the extension, but you will have to add the function in the file tree, OR way more simply just convert this version 3 gms 1 project to gms2, but if you want to add the function manually heres a link showing how the added function should be set up: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3rxnsN-gmm0/WXZiYJV9wEI/AAAAAAAAAlU/doVq-LsgaaAVFyK42MsOGNe2ySG82uAYACLcBGAs/s1600/gms2%2Bupdate.png

-Added an internal speech timer in the extension that notifies GMS via the social async the moment ciri is done speaking. See the included readme file for more details

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