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This is the GM Studio 2 version of Fluid Dynamics. Click here for the GM Studio 1 version.

The video and screenshots are from the GM Studio 1 version of this asset. The GM Studio 2 version's fluid has a slightly different behavior. You can download and run the demo below to see the fluid behavior of the GM Studio 2 version.

Click here to download a demo

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This asset provides you with realistic fluid simulation and visualization for your games. It includes a guide, a well-commented example, and documentation for each script making it easy to implement it into your game. The physics and visualization are done with shaders, making the fluid simulation very fast. The asset is highly customizable, letting you tweak the fluids extensively. It can be used to simulate fire, smoke, gas, dye, dust, wind, water droplets, cloud formation, and much more. Development and testing has only been done with the windows VM target and the windows YYC target, you might run into problems if you use this asset with other targets.


  • Can simulate fire, smoke, gas, dye, dust, wind, water droplets, cloud formation, and much more.
  • Using new mathematics from 2014 making fluid simulation faster than ever before.
  • Instances can be pushed around by the velocity field of the simulation.
  • Custom collision masks from sprites and surfaces.
  • Can be tweaked to imitate versions of explosions and tornadoes.
  • 9 different example implementations of fluids.
  • Can be used in small, large and infinite game worlds.
  • Everything is highly customizable, built on top of a fundamental fluid simulation.
  • Custom shaders.
  • A guide for implementation.
  • Commented and organized code.
  • Fast and optimized, made with efficiency in mind.
  • Custom time step.
  • Customizable acceleration equation.
  • Optional dissipation of fluid velocity and material.
  • All in GML and GLSL ES.

Remember to read the asset's EULA:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.6. Published September 16, 2018

Fixed the fd_rectangle_replace_velocity script.

GMS2.3 - Version 1.1.1. Published November 2, 2020

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