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This set contains the jungle tiles from the Open Pixel Project. Free high quality pixel art tiles, 32x32. Platformer tiles for rocks, grass, water, trees, plants, vines, slopes, a temple, various objects and more. Over 500 tiles in total All tiles match in style with the other OPP assets, and use strictly the DB32 palette.

These tiles are free to use, modify, sell, for any purpose, they are in the public domain!

Over 35 artists have been collaborating on the OPP. To download ALL our tiles and sprites at once, the most updated versions, go to our website openpixelproject.com

Also, we're looking for more contributors and organizers, if you're willing to help out, come say hello at our forums or chat!

If you use these tiles, please drop a note too, we always love to hear from developers. You can even make requests on our website or forums, we might be able to help you :)

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published March 22, 2017

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