Sidescroller Thief

Brent Anderson

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Tighten your purse strings and be on the lookout, a skulking thief approaches. He performs actions such as walking silently, stabbing, slashing, dying, plus more! Rendered at a high quality for your re-sizing needs.


thief_dagger, 53x14, 1 frame

thief_leg1, 61x45, 1 frame

thief_leg2, 71x42, 1 frame

thief_V1_air, 150x182, 3 frames

thief_V1_arm1, 83x60, 1 frame

thief_V1_arm2, 67x71, 1 frame

thief_V1_attack1, 196x155, 18 frames

thief_V1_attack2, 209x150, 18 frames

thief_V1_body1, 118x77, 1 frame

thief_V1_body2, 77x60, 1 frame

thief_V1_cball, 110x133, 1 frame

thief_V1_die, 208x186, 11 frames

thief_V1_head, 85x77, 1 frame

thief_V1_land, 165x177, 4 frames

thief_V1_loser, 123x173, 1 frame

thief_V1_move, 155x152, 12 framess

thief_V1_ouch, 169x182, 4 frames

thief_V1_stand, 153x146, 24 frames

thief_V1_victory, 181x176, 35 frames

thief_V2_air, 150x182, 3 frames

thief_V2_arm1, 83x60, 1 frame

thief_V2_arm2, 67x71, 1 frame

thief_V2_attack1, 196x155, 18 frames

thief_V2_attack2, 209x150, 18 frames

thief_V2_body1, 118x77, 1 frame

thief_V2_body2, 77x60, 1 frame

thief_V2_cball, 110x133, 1 frame

thief_V2_die, 208x187, 11 frames

thief_V2_head, 83x76, 1 frame

thief_V2_land, 165x177, 4 frames

thief_V2_loser, 123x173, 1 frame

thief_V2_move, 155x152, 12 frames

thief_V2_ouch, 169x182, 4 frames

thief_V2_stand, 153x146, 24 frames

thief_V2_victory, 181x176, 35 frames

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 17, 2014

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