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As a new programmer, it can get tricky (or boring) to code everytime a Level Select Menu, This module can be easily modified for any project, well documented and it will help you to save time.

It's also responsive ( althought you may want to use smaller sprites for smaller resolutions than 1280,720 ).

Doesn't support joystick or keyboard input, only mouse/touch for the moment.

  • Animated menu
  • Easy to implement
  • Can be easily used for other purposes
  • Well documented
  • Responsive (you can change the grid settings)
  • I use it in almost all of my projects :D
  • You can also use any of included sprites and background (not the font) of the module in you own commercial projects, it's on me ;)

(Credit appreciated)


1 ) // Import all files (Then you can modify the templates sprites/backgrounds by your own ressources after that, so you don't have to rename everything)

2) Open scrLevelSelectInit() and change ItemNumber by any value you want to use. ( It can be the size of your own Levels array etc...)

3) Open scrSelectDrawGUI() and change what should be executed when a item is pressed. ( it can be a rooom_goto() function etc.. )

4) Play with settings to fit your own preferences and style.

*** Not a native english speaker, but i've tried to be as clear as possible in the comments ***

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 2, 2016

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