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This asset gives you the tools to create a procedurally generated dungeon or maze based on a single room (which is reused) and a room "map". The map is a Grid data structure where each cell is a "room", and can contain information about the entrances and exits of the room as well as the enemies, chests, or whatever you wish (this doesn't even have to be a top-down roguelike! What you put in the rooms is entirely up to you... Make a procedural metroidvania!).

The idea is that the player completes a room then moves to the next (think "Binding of Isaac") from one of 4 possible exits: north, south, east and west. The asset includes a couple of "debug" rooms to show how the scripts work as well as a simple rogue-like dungeon example with a player, chests, traps, enemies and, of course, all generated procedurally.

The basic scripts require no setup beforehand for them to be used, but you WILL need to create your won "spawn" scripts to create doors, player, and other objects (there is a DEMO object that shows how this can be done). PLEASE check out the "ReadMe" script in the resource tree and read all the comments in the scripts before using (they are extensively commented so that you can see what is happening at every step).

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.3.0. Published May 26, 2019

Changed the script "RoomGen_GetRoomNumber" and the script "RoomGen_End". There was an error caused by the fact that GML uses integer values for data structures, which was causing the asset to crash SOMETIMES (but not always) due to the integer value being returned by the GetRoomNumber script being incorrect. This has been fixed and the asset should work as advertised.

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