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Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2

This extension is compatible with all targets aside HTML5 (including iOS, Android, Windows, PS4, UWP and more!)

Very simple to use - draw your video as a background, sprite or anything else you can think of with one simple line of code


You also have access to the video as a native GM surface as well as a tonne more functionality!

A full GML-only video player implementation! Can play multiple videos at once with great performance (Average 2000 fps on mid range computer, 720p video). Smooth performance on low end & older mobile devices as well, video shows Galaxy Note 4 running at a constant 60 FPS (Capped).


  • Truly cross platform playback. One line of code and one video file fits them all.
  • Pause, fast forward video.
  • Advanced timing mechanism: Audio and video always sync up to the target frame rate, despite what the game is running at.
  • Use the video output as a texture. Run it through a shader, use it as a 3d model's texture, draw it to a surface, many more applications!
  • Extremely light on memory, smart caching to keep the video ready to go
  • Supports all major formats through converter

If you want more of an insight, feel free to read the manual, or try a demo here.

Compared to other Marketplace assets, that emulate cross-platform "video" by loading images as quickly as possible from the hard drive (virtually unusable on mobile devices and a big battery drainer) GMLVideo uses hard drive streaming, caching and on the fly decompression to deliver a fast and smooth video output.

Note: If you get an error when starting the converter, it is safe to press ignore. Make sure to use Fast compression. An update eliminating the bug is in the works along with GPU acceleration.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.7. Published March 25, 2017

Some optimizations, quick compression added.

GMS2 - Version 1.0.7. Published March 25, 2017

Some optimizations, quick compression added.

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