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Display Resizer - for all your fullscreen needs!

If you ever wanted to make a full screen game or app which looks nice on all the whacky resolutions your players might use this extension is for you!

You are probably familiar with the way Game Maker does fullscreen and are rightfully unhappy with it. If you choose not to stretch and deform your view to fill the screen (the horrors) you have to live with those pesky black strips on either sides or top and bottom of the screen. This extension comes to solve this by giving you an extremely easy interface to control exactly how your view area fills the screen. It'll then take over managing your view dimensions completely automatically.

To initialize the system call this once:

display_resize_init(mode?, view width?, view height?);
    - mode, optional - defaults to DisplayMode.FIT
    - view width, optional - defaults to view_wview[0]
    - view height, optional - defaults to view_hview[0]

You can then change any settings you'd like mid game instantly. Get and set the display mode simply by using the display_mode macro. Possible values:

DisplayMode.FIT - Will fit the view area in the window while maintaining aspect ratio
DisplayMode.FILL - Will fill the entire window with the view area while maintaining aspect ratio
DisplayMode.STRETCH - Will stretch the view area to fill the entire window. Does not maintain aspect ratio

You can see how each mode looks like in the attached screenshots. Also, see it action at: http://imgur.com/mk91CTU

Get and resize the view area simply by changing the display_view_width and display_view_height macros.

  • This extension is tested on desktops and HTML5 export but may need minor modifications to make it properly detect screen sizes differently on the mobile platforms and consoles. I am unable to test on these platforms since I don't own any, so if any one has any input contact me :D

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 11, 2016

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