Target Systems

Crystal Fortress

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Target Systems provides a simple way to prioritize targets using any criteria you can think of.

Each Target System has a particular enemy to scan for within a set of directions and a range allowing for basic targeting but its real strength comes from using the Criteria functionality that allows any script that takes up to 15 arguments and returns a real number to be used to determine which target is the target you want.

Target Systems comes with scripts for the following criteria

  • Closest to Instance
  • Furthest from Instance
  • Fastest
  • Slowest
  • No Criteria

The optional Nth parameter of a Target System allows one to use the same criteria scripts to find the Nth closest instance or the Nth fastest instance. This parameter is usable even with your own custom criteria scripts.

Target System is designed to be similar to GameMaker's own particle systems in set-up , clean-up and ease of use.

Version 1.0.1 now includes a simple line of sight script to help in making of more complex criteria scripts.

Brief documentation is available here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34840966/Target%20Systems%20Docs.pdf

By purchasing this pack, you may use it freely for all non-commercial and commercial use in your personal projects. If this asset is required in a project that is not rightfully owned by you, this asset must be purchased by the rightful owner of the project.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.2. Published June 8, 2015

Performance improvements in various system scripts.

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