Topdown Boneskull

Brent Anderson

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A strange cave-dude skulks the wilderness, throwing weapons and wearing armor of bone. This character is done in a pixel art style, with animations providing mobility in 4 directions, and with 3 different armor states. He can also attack, eat, and die, plus more! Comes with a multitude of weapons.


bneskll_attE, 31x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attE_A1, 31x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attE_A2, 31x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attE_A3, 37x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attN, 33x31, 4 frames

bneskll_attN_A1, 33x31, 4 frames

bneskll_attN_A2, 33x31, 4 frames

bneskll_attN_A3, 34x33, 4 frames

bneskll_attS, 33x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attS_A1, 33x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attS_A2, 33x32, 4 frames

bneskll_attS_A3, 33x34, 4 frames

bneskll_die, 33x31, 5 frames

bneskll_eat, 32x32, 4 frames

bneskll_eat_A1, 32x32, 4 frame

bneskll_eat_A2, 32x32, 4 frame

bneskll_eat_A3, 32x34, 4 frame

bneskll_idleE, 29x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleE_A1, 29x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleE_A2, 29x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleE_A3, 35x30, 4 frame

bneskll_idleN, 34x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleN_A1, 34x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleN_A2, 34x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleN_A3, 34x32, 4 frame

bneskll_idleS, 33x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleS_A1, 33x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleS_A2, 33x29, 4 frame

bneskll_idleS_A3, 33x31, 4 frame

bneskll_itemget, 34x32, 2 frame

bneskll_itemget_A1, 34x32, 2 frame

bneskll_itemget_A2, 34x32, 2 frames

bneskll_itemget_A3, 34x33, 2 frames

bneskll_ouch, 33x34, 4 frame

bneskll_ouch_A1, 34x34, 4 frame

bneskll_ouch_A2, 34x34, 4 frames

bneskll_ouch_A3, 33x36, 4 frames

bneskll_rollE, 34x33, 3 frame

bneskll_rollE_A1, 34x33, 3 frame

bneskll_rollE_A2, 34x33, 3 frames

Plus more!

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 30, 2014

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