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**If this version is more bloated than you need check out out new lite version! **Now with syncObjects this extension is easier than ever to use! Drop them in the room where you want them and the work is done!

This extension will allow you to insert your players high scores in to a database, and then retrieve them for use in the game. You can also retrieve a high score list from the database!

The extension will allow you to:

*Can be used as a high score table OR a leaderboard

*Save user scores in to the database

*Retrieve a list of scores/names from the database to build a high score table

*syncObject put all the configuration in one object!

*Retrieve the players highest score from the database

*Retrieve the overall highest score from the database

*Retrieve the lowest overall score from the database (for comparison)

*Get the players overall ranking from the database

*Table design, fonts, and sprites as fonts all done in one spot for easy setup

*Comprehensive help file

*Works on ALL platforms, sync your desktop, Android, iOS, and HTML5 versions in one table! Every effort has been made to make this extension as easy to use as possible, if you would like to see additional features added then let us know!

Absolutely no PHP knowledge is required to use this extension!

You can view a live version of the example on our website, or download a Windows EXE (without installer) by clicking the More Info link at the bottom of this text.

REQUIRED: *PHP Enabled Webserver *SQL Database *FTP Access to your web host

NOTE: This extension will take a few minutes to get up and going. You will need to set up the database to hold the high score table, edit the PHP file with your login credentials and upload the file to your web host.

Don't have web hosting, we can host it for you!

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 2.1.0. Published September 25, 2015

Fixed critical bug in code Performance Enhancements Added a scrolling table option Added an option for multiple games in a single table (game ID) Added option to have labeled table rows Added options to handle offline situations Added option to cache the table for offline use Added options for fonts to syncObjects Use sprite as font added to syncObjects Code optimizations Added smaple webpage for displaying scores Added adjustments for non mono spaced fonts If you are below version 2.1.0 you will need to re upload lbpdo.php!

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