SpaceFlight - Basic


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Ever want to create your own dog fight game set in space, but couldn't figure out how? Look no further than SpaceFlight - Basic!

Current Features:

  • Skybox configuration and rendering scripts.
  • Quaternion/Vector based flight, no more gimbal lock!
  • Toggleable viewpoint
  • Automated SmoothCam projection system
  • 3D fully realized ship interior ( VR Compatible )
  • Cross platform compatibility

Future Features:

  • Multiple Weapons
  • Basic particle effects
  • Basic Collisions

WARNING SpaceFlight - Basic requires that you install this asset into a gmk preloaded with Slayer's Upgrade.

You MUST also create a script in your project titled "QROT_scr" containing the following code:

//argument0 = x part of vector to be rotated.
//argument1 = y part of vector to be rotated.
//argument2 = z part of vector to be rotated.
//argument3 = x part of vector to rotate about.
//argument4 = y part of vector to rotate about.
//argument5 = z part of vector to rotate about.
//argument6 = angle (in degrees) to be rotated.
//Code adapted by Jonathan Vathauer (TAB)
//from script by Martin John Baker
ww = cos(degtorad(argument6)/2);
xx = argument3*(sin(degtorad(argument6)/2));
yy = argument4*(sin(degtorad(argument6)/2));
zz = argument5*(sin(degtorad(argument6)/2));
p1x = argument0;
p1y = argument1;
p1z = argument2;
p2x = ww*ww*p1x + 2*yy*ww*p1z - 2*zz*ww*p1y + xx*xx*p1x + 2*yy*xx*p1y + 2*zz*xx*p1z - zz*zz*p1x - yy*yy*p1x;
p2y = 2*xx*yy*p1x + yy*yy*p1y + 2*zz*yy*p1z + 2*ww*zz*p1x - zz*zz*p1y + ww*ww*p1y - 2*xx*ww*p1z - xx*xx*p1y;
p2z = 2*xx*zz*p1x + 2*yy*zz*p1y + zz*zz*p1z - 2*ww*yy*p1x - yy*yy*p1z + 2*ww*xx*p1y - xx*xx*p1z + ww*ww*p1z;

For help getting started, contact me or click the support link above!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published July 27, 2014

*Changed D3dTransform call to D3dTransformAdd call

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