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PixelCandy v1107 is a simple particle designer to generate custom particles for your game projects. Included is a test project to demonstrate usage of the particles created in the designer. All particles are generated from a set of inbuilt sprites which are included in the project also. The particles are a set of fourteen 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 pixel sprites. These sprite sets are perfect for any retro game which would benefit from modern effects whilst retaining an old-skool feel.

Try the HTML5 version in your browser before you decide to download (Broken in Chrome?).


  • Incredibly Simple to use
  • Great for Beginners to implement
  • Perfect for Retro Styled games
  • Choose Colours from DawnBringers 32 Colour Palette
  • Now with blood, glass, hearts, rocks and more unique particles
  • Nice to just play with :-)

Changes in v1107

  • Up to 10 custom sprites can now be imported to be used as particles.
  • Tool-tips have been added and are shown when debug mode is active.

Bug Fixes in v1107

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect RGB values being shown when reloading a previously saved *.pcandy file. Once the broken file has been loaded, re-select the correct RGB values you wish to use and then save the file again.


  • Download the Windows PixelCandy designer (updated 2018.09.04) to generate the particle data for the project files.
  • Download the alternative file and rename to .EXE if your AntiVirus complains about EXE files.
  • Download the PixelCandy PDF help document.

Don't forget to click the "Add to account (free)" button for the extension/project to test out your creations made with PixelCandy.

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published June 24, 2016

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