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Who's This For:
These libraries were developed to easily integrate into your projects, and designed to work well on mobile devices.

They are perfect for:

  • adding a simple menu system to your prototypes and even your production games!
  • mobile games and projects, with mGUI designed for mobile first and desktop second
  • developers in need of simple easing scripts to create smooth and organic animations

What's Included:

mGUI - a mobile friendly GUI library!

New features and changes in v1.5.0:

  • mGUI Dialogue - a self contained dialogue system / dialogue box with a typewriter effect that supports pauses, left and right character portraits, and callback script which executes after the last dialogue entry. More effects planned (text color changes, text animations, etc)!
  • mGUI Popup & Overlay - a special type of mGUI window which creates a window over a black backdrop to focus out the background

Included features:

  • mGUI Dialogue
  • mGUI Popup & Overlay
  • mGUI Arrow
  • mGUI Table
  • mGUI Window
  • mGUI Button
  • mGUI Menu
  • Supports nested sub menus
  • Menu preserves traversal history for easy "back" navigation
  • Menu and menu items fully customized via json settings file, including callback scripts

mEase - a library of easing scripts for animations!
19 easing functions included (in, out, and in/out variations of each):

  • Linear easing
  • Quadratic easing
  • Cubic easing
  • Quartic easing
  • Sinusoidal easing
  • Exponential easing
  • Circular easing

mJSON - a JSON utility library
Features include:

  • loading JSON files into a ds_map
  • saving ds_map to a JSON file

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.5.0. Published November 19, 2016

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