Sidescroller Lich

Brent Anderson

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An undead lord ready to whip bones at your person. He performs actions such as flying, casting spells, taking hits, showing disappointment, plus more! Includes bones for tossing and supernatural flame for dying. Rendered at high quality for your re-sizing needs.


lich_att1, 223x179, 13 frames

lich_att2, 261x186, 13 frames

lich_att3, 140x176, 13 frames

lich_die, 147x205, 26 frames

lich_ouch, 182x212, 4 frames

lich_idle, 100x184, 24 frames

lich_loser, 126x178, 24 frames

lich_move, 129x181, 24 frames

lich_sum1, 209x176, 24 frames

lich_sum2, 192x224, 24 frames

lich_sum3, 194x185, 20 frames

lich_sum4, 168x186, 22 frames

lich_sum5, 217x176, 20 frames

lich_victory, 138x193, 22 frames

bone1, 43x62, 1 frame

bone2, 54x99, 1 frame

bone3, 73x63, 1 frame

bone4, 77x101, 1 frame

bone5, 62x73, 1 frame

bone6, 57x94, 1 frame

bone7, 59x74, 1 frame

bone8, 53x67, 1 frame

bone9, 67x66, 1 frame

bone10, 40x71, 1 frame

bone11, 60x70, 1 frame

bone12, 23x99, 1 frame

bone13, 21x71, 1 frame

bone14, 21x42, 1 frame

bone15, 28x90, 1 frame

bone16, 22x39, 1 frame

bone17, 22x63, 1 frame

blueflame, 102x205, 12 frames

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 22, 2014

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