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Are you sick and tired of those stupid tiles not being animated? Wish you could just set up an animation strip and be done with it? Well now you can! With the animated tile scripts, you can have tile animations set up in no time.

How does this tile animation work you might ask? Just like sprites. You just need to set up your tile animations from left to right in the background editor, and you're ready to animate them. You can set the animation speed just like a sprite. Don't want the animation to loop, but want it to reverse? Just set one argument in a function and it's done for you. You can animate all tiles on a background, tiles on a certain depth, and much more.

So what's in this demo? The demo contains a background set up as an animation strip for your reference. Two objects showing off the slow functions, and the 'auto-animating' tiles. Finally, the room contains over 1200 tiles being changed with the slow functions, and 28 tiles being changed through 'auto-animation.' Help document describing all the functions and setup for auto-animation is included.

If there are any suggested functions you have (or extra functionality you want), then I'd love to hear it.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.7. Published August 30, 2014

No change in scripts, just appearance.

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