Need a scalable chat window for your games? Try RPG Chat! With this awesome, easy-to-use chat box, you can implement any kind of chat system you would need!

  • Scalable text box for any size window
  • Clean, commented code for you to edit
  • Everything you need to know in one chat object
  • Place the chat object inside any room and watch the magic happen!
  • Customizable window with background color, size, alpha, outline (outline color)
  • Change the line spacing and font sizes
  • Responsive text fits right inside the width/height of the text box!
  • Dynamic chat with fading lines added



  • Bug Fix: Implementing this into a project was causing everything to fade with chat.


  • **NEW: Chat scroll speed
  • Updated the interface to tell you how to dynamically change the chat options while in-game


  • **NEW: Fading chat based on variabels set per chatbox instance
  • Dynamic chat with fading lines added
  • New variables for dynamic chat setup with the new fade
  • Easier chat box setup

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.3.0. Published May 6, 2016

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