Sidescroller Rotty

Brent Anderson

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This rotten zombie is falling apart at the seams. He performs actions such as jogging, chopping, taking hits, going airborn, and more! He has multiple versions of each animation with missing body parts.


rot_arm1, 49x75, 1 frame

rot_arm2, 69x53, 1 frame

rot_body, 52x97, 1 frame

rot_head, 71x99, 1 frames

rot_leg1, 52x64, 1 frame

rot_leg2, 50x65, 1 frame

rot_pcloud, 134x131, 11 frames

rot_pexplode, 174x163, 12 frame

rot_pgas, 181x127, 14 frame

rot_pgas2, 60x155, 12 frames

rot_V1_air, 126x235, 3 frames

rot_V1_attack1, 163x214, 12 frame

rot_V1_cball, 116x141, 1 frames

rot_V1_land, 120x215, 4 frame

rot_V1_loser, 139x212, 1 frames

rot_V1_ouch, 219x189, 4 frame

rot_V1_stand, 104x214, 6 frames

rot_V1_victory, 134x214, 28 frames

rot_V1_walk, 115x215, 6 frames

rot_V2_air, 126x235, 3 frames

rot_V2_attack1, 163x214, 12 frames

rot_V2_cball, 116x141, 1 frame

rot_V2_land, 120x215, 4 frame

rot_V2_loser, 111x212, 1 frames

rot_V2_ouch, 219x189, 4 frames

rot_V2_stand, 103x214, 6 frame

rot_V2_victory, 132x214, 28 frames

rot_V2_walk, 57x215, 6 frame

rot_V3_air, 103x235, 3 frames

rot_V3_attack1, 203x214, 12 frame

rot_V3_cball, 116x141, 1 frames

rot_V3_land, 99x215, 4 frames

rot_V3_loser, 85x212, 1 frames

rot_V3_ouch, 219x189, 4 frames

rot_V3_stand, 89x214, 6 frames

rot_V3_victory, 132x214, 19 frames

rot_V3_walk, 112x215, 6 frames

rot_V4_air, 83x170, 3 frames

rot_V4_attack1, 129x152, 12 frame

rot_V4_cball, 65x118, 1 frames

rot_V4_land, 81x160, 4 frames

rot_V4_loser, 75x151, 1 frames

rot_V4_ouch, 155x150, 4 frames

rot_V4_stand, 75x153, 6 frames

Plus more!

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Age Rating: 12+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 30, 2014

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