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Blood Splash


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UPDATE 1.2 - new feature added rotating objects !!!

Download demo mirror1

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This is a blood/paintball engine which will let you create blood or other liquid splashes on your game objects.

This engine uses surfaces to create this effect. Because of this, all painted objects should have power of 2 dimensions. (For compatibility reasons on certain devices please read GMS manual)

Engine features:

  • You can change the color of the splashes
  • Blob size
  • Blob spread
  • Number of blobs in the splash
  • You can use rotating objects
  • You can use moving objects
  • You can use any shape of object
  • Objects can move

For the best effect, make sure that all objects that will be painted are trimmed.


  1. Run BS_init() script at the beginning of your game
  2. Each "painted object" should inherit after BS_o_wall object (click parent in object preferences and choose this object. Make sure that you use event_inherited() in the events where you have your own code)
  3. Use BS_o_paint_bullet to paint objects with splashes. It creates splashes when colliding with objects which inherits after BS_o_wall object.



  • Use rotating, rot_speed variables in each painted object to turn on rotation and it's speed
  • Use variables declared in BS_init script to change look and feel of the splashes
  • Check the demo objects for more hints and examples
  • In case of any doubt you can always email me

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.2.0. Published May 2, 2017

GMS2 - Version 1.2.7. Published October 19, 2018

GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.10. Published October 16, 2020

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