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Short desc:

  • Sometimes you want to simply link objects together. When you move the head you want the bones (links) to follow.


  • Check the video to get a step by step.

This extension:

  • This code module let you create links simple. Make head link and just put other objects around it and scale a capture object over it in the first room. When you use instance_create(head). All the other links will be created for you. Destroy head and all links is removed.
  • You can scale the head, rotate it, move it around, change depth and alpha. The links will follow. If a head got depth 5 and a link depth 10 and you change the depth on the head to 10 (+5) the link will change to 15 (+5). All values are relative values.
  • Create complex link to link objects (bone to bone). Change the shoulder and the arm follow.
  • Create popup menus. Add all buttons in a head link and call a script.
  • Room change intro. Change room with zoom effect (check video)
  • Room change animation. (check video)
  • Tween engine
  • All in GML

Code example:

Every collection of links need a head link. So first create an object and set parent to obj_Window_Link_Parent_Move. Add it in the room and add other objects around it. Then you add a Window_Link_Capture_Window. Size it so it covers the head link and the objects you want to link.

Use the link object by:

  • Place the head link in the room you want to create it in
  • Create the head link by calling instance_create()

More info

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published December 25, 2017

1.0.1: Fixed bug in HTML5 target.

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