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InputMan is a simple and easy to use script to map your keyboard and controllers for upto 4 players.

Example of how to use iman_add

iman_add("left", player_id,ord("A"), IMAN_LEFT_STICK_LEFT);
iman_add("right", player_id,ord("D"), IMAN_LEFT_STICK_RIGHT);
iman_add("jump", player_id, vk_space, IMAN_BTN_A);
iman_add("fire", player_id,vk_lcontrol, IMAN_BTN_X);

Now check if the key is down or pressed

move_left = iman_down("left", player_id);
move_right = iman_down("right", player_id);
jump = iman_pressed("jump", player_id);
jump_held = iman_down("jump", player_id);
fire = iman_pressed("fire", player_id);
fire_held = iman_down("fire", player_id);

player_id here is 0 to 3 - mapped to four constants for ease of use - IMAN_P1, IMAN_P2, IMAN_P3, IMAN_P4

Apart from these 4 core functions, there are over 70 functions which let you directly access states and values of each button on the gamepad both analog and digital. Please check the attached pdf for full documentation.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published March 25, 2016

  • You can now use Gamemaker gamepad constants gp_* when registering keys using iman_add
  • Documentation reflects new changes and lists all usable constants and variables
  • Added an extra sprite for InputMan which will be visible in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug with gp_used
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