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gsGUI is a simple GUI kit to make simple GUI elements. This is not a complete GUI system yet and has only a limited set of controls and functionality.


  • scale 9 sprite - draws and displays a sprite divided into nine regions and scaled
  • Screen Shake - shakes the view with a set intensity for a set duration of steps(time)


  • gsButton - scalable(scale9) autosizing button with multiline text - static, no rotation, no precise collision checks with mouse
  • gsButtonEx - scalable(scale9) autosizing button - uses surface, can rotate using, image_angle, precise collision masks
  • gsButtonSimple - a simpler version of gsButton that does not autosize and uses a fixed size sprite that you provide through the GameMaker GUI - behaves like a regular object

How to use

gsButtonSimple - use them as you will use regular objects, set the callback scripts in the instance creation section after you create them in your room. gsButtonSimple uses a static sprite with 3 images inside for mouse up, over and down states. You can also create them using the scr_create_gsButtonSimple function as well.

gsButton and gsButtonEx - you can create them via code by calling the scr_create_gsButton or scr_create_gsButtonEx functions or by creating instances of the objects directly in your rooms.

scr_create_gsButton(pos_x, pos_y, "Hello Button World", c_black, noone, noone, noone, noone, scr_btn_callback, 0, true);

The above code creates a gsButton at position - posx and posy - with the label "Hello Button World" - with the label color to black. The following four params set to noone are - mouse_left_callback, mouse_left_pressed_callback, mouse_enter_callback and mouse_leave_callback. The only callback set here is the mouse_left_release_callback which is executed when the mouse left button is released. The next parameter is the button group_id and the last parameter sets the button state for selected to true.

obj_gsButtonGroup - add a gsButtonGroup to your room and set

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published March 25, 2016

  • Fixed 'Unknown function or script' error
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