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PLAYER TANK PACK 2 by Fighting Irish Studios

Full package of graphics assets (tank kit) designed for a top-down game with tanks.

What do you get in this Game Kit? • 3 unique tanks, a light armored tank, a medium armored tank, and a heavy armored tank, • Animated explosions, smokes, craters, weapons, and much more! • Realistic tank behavior and characteristics, varying levels of tank damage, weapon damage, and armor strength, • A critical hit damage system that keeps game play challenging but fair, no matter which tank you use, • Each tank is fully coded and scripted, just drop it into your game and you’re ready for battle! • Original sounds for the tanks and effects designed by us for you! • LOTS of extra coding snippets to help set up your game, • A full demo that allows you to see how each tank works and how it compares to its counterparts,

Tank Features: • The Tanks travel at varying speeds and each have varying accelerating and braking properties according to size and weight, • Tank turning and turret turning speeds vary according to tank size and weight, • Each tank type has its own unique rate-of fire, reloading times, and weapons damage, • Each tank type has its own unique armor defense class, the heavy tank has 4x the armor of the light tank and 2x the armor of the medium tank, the medium tank has 2x the armor of the light tank, • Tank turrets can be targeted and destroyed, • Tanks will show up to 4 levels of varying health/damage,

Graphics include: • PNG assets with transparent background for big displays up to 2560×1440 px • Large sprites 100% game ready for HD or they can be scaled down for SD, • Included are tanks, backgrounds, effects, obstacles and targets, and many other extras!


These Updates Are coming soon! Scheduled Release for 10/30/18!

A GMS2 version will be added as well.

NOTE: These tanks are intended for player use. An enemy AI tank pack will be released soon!

See the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/0EhCYFw7aFw

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.7. Published March 14, 2016

-Added a dynamic camera object with a camera shake effect. -Updated HUD elements. -Added a mini-map feature that tracks the player and enemies. -added additional damage effects.

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