This simple asset introduces easing/tweening with 3 simple functions.

I've had this ease function for a while, and the credit goes to the person who ported it from javascript whose topic is linked to in the script comment. This topic is likely the foundation for all those easing assets on the store.

I'm acknowledging the other tweening engines you will find on the store which I do recommend, they have features in them it would take you days if not weeks to implement with this.

I decided today to make this script an asset because today marks the 5th time some user asked me for help understanding these other engines. Because there are too many things in those to make it clear how easing works

So this asset is meant for people that don't need all the extra feature the other tweening engine offer and to those who need a clearer understanding on easing so they can leverage their use of the other engines.

Let's make it clear, I am not in the habit of putting up competing assets just for the heck of it, this asset does not compete with what's out there by far; it is a far cry from those incredible assets which I strongly recommend you get once you understand the concept.


  1. 3 simple functions easy to understand
  2. Lerp Like Function
  3. Progress Like Function
  4. Start / End / Timed Like Function
  5. Introduces easing without extra baggage
  6. Good for those who want to level their use of the more complex engines out there

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published August 25, 2017

1.0.3 Fixes a problem with InOutQuad and YYC

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