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This requires the BeTween Asset to work!

Please note that this asset will not work AS IS! It requires the BeTween asset to be imported as well before it works.

This is a collection of surface-based room transition effects to make moving from room to room look super amazing. Many of these effects can have their animation reversed, use a blackout screen during the transition, or fade out the original room as well.

The current animations are

  • Slide

Slides an the new room in from one of four directions.

  • Swirl

Creates a cooldown type 'swirl' that brings in the new room, similar to pokemon battle effects

  • Expand

Expands the room from anywhere on the screen, very useful for mimicking a zoom type effect.

  • Stripes

Breaks the room into stripes and slides it in, very cool effect but hard to follow with your eyes.

  • Pixellate

Mimics the 'mosaic' effect some old games did (Especially Harvest Moon GBA). Looks especially good if both rooms are similar in overall colour

  • Fade

The most boring, just fades in the new room over the old one.

  • Blocks

Draws the new room in block 'chunks', you can even animate it to moving across the screen, or do it all at once.

  • ATB

Experimental and not really supported, I just wanted to mimic the battle transition effect from Final Fantasy 7.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published January 30, 2016

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