TMC LUX Lighting Engine

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TMC LUX Lighting Engine


GMS2 Compatible

Picture In Picture GMS2 bug fix

Array Too Large For Shader Fix

The TMC LUX Lighting Engine consist of 4 shaders to do texture normal lighting with specular and ambient occlusion as extra rendering options. The lighting engine also has a sprite based lighting engine and shader which can be used for nice ambient effects such as light coming from a window. this sub system does not depend on a texture normal. Also include is a basic shadow system

The asset also comes with Preview/Fix Tool with a few necessary features such as converting a grayscale heightmap to a normal texture, flipping the normal texture color values arround and other basic image manipulations.

Perhaps the second best feature included in the asset is the platform engine which supports slopes and moving platforms.


  1. Texture Normal Lighting Engine
  2. Sprite Based Illumination Engine
  3. Simple Shadow Engine
  4. Robust Platformer
  5. Preview and Normal Manipulation Tool
  6. Virtually limitless number of lights in the room*
  7. Virtually limitless number of Sprited Lights in the room*
  8. 1000 lights in view*
  9. 20 Lights per rendered sprite/primitives*
  10. Ludicrous number of sprited lights
  11. Layered system for different layers of illumination
  12. Sample objects covering all basis
  13. Z support for positioning lights in actual 3d space
  14. Shader Based
  15. Cel Shading
  • The system allows for a quasi limitless number of lights in your level, but only 1000 lights in view and 20 lights per instance can be drawn. In practice you want enough lights to be pleasant and be smart about your room size and view size to not overwhelm the PC or the player.

With this asset I offer access to my slack tutoring group for private support

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.2. Published March 4, 2016

Fixed issue with some Video Cards skipping a beat (flashing lights) Reinstates the fix added in 1.0.1 which was somehow not applied, which fixes light disappearing if another light is below it

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