circular bars


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Round Bars! Very customizable: size,color or texture, gap, thickness, precision.

Very easy to implement and doesnt require any extra objects or initilization scripts.

Performance tested and diffrent "prototypes" tried, ones with blendmodes and draw_vertex_color but those all didn't work as well as this one.







explanation for every argument:

x,y- obvious, x and y coordinates. defines the left upper corner, not the middle

radius- how big the circle has to be. A radius of 50 means 100 pixels in total width.

opening- if you want to leave out a part of the circle at the bottom(for aesthetic reasons). goes from 0 to 180 where 0 is a full circle and 180 is practicly nothing.

percent- how much the bar should be filled with a texture or color. goes from 0 to 1. not from 0 to 100. will give an error outside that range.

thickness- how thick the bar should be. expands to the middle. A higher thickness than the radius can give weird results.

precision- Kind of works like draw_set_circle_precision. how many segments the bar exists of. A higher opening value will not affect a circles quality. A to high value can lead to game maker refusing to draw parts of it.(max amount of draw_vertex calls).

texture- Needs to be a sprite, any size is oke. background on image 0 and foreground/bar on image 1. not every part or your sprite may be rendered, especially in the corners.

backcolor- color of the background.

barcolor- color of the bar.

I hope this is usefull to you!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published November 8, 2015

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