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This asset has only been tested with GameMaker: Studio 1.

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Forum thread: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/graphics-utilities-extending-gamemakers-graphics-library.3296/

GameMaker's library of graphics functions has its limits. Fundamental things like blend modes, surfaces and shaders are far from fully customizable. Graphics Utilities can give you access to some of the most powerful missing functionality, giving you the building blocks for some of the greatest graphics applications you can think of!

Graphics Utilities uses a DLL based on Direct3D 9. The C++ source code is included.


  • 32 scripts (see the preview for the names of these).
  • Commented and organized code, with 8 examples.
  • Creation of surfaces with other texture formats than the normal 8-bit RGBA. (Will create surfaces that are not compatible with normal GameMaker surface functions.)
  • Blend mode operators: Add, subtract, reverse subtract, min and max.
  • Alpha separation for blend modes. Lets you have a different source and destination factor for the alpha channel's blending.
  • Vertex texture fetching with surface textures. A great building block for things like terrain, realistic water, grass and fast particle systems.
  • Point sprites. If you have a vertex buffer of points, all the points can be turned into square sprites of different sizes facing the camera.
  • Shader creation from strings. Lets you create and compile shaders during runtime. (Will create shader resources that are separate from normal GameMaker shaders.)
  • Scissor rectangle. Lets you specify a rectangle on screen to restrict drawing to.
  • User clip planes. Lets you specify several planes where drawing is restricted to one side of the plane.
  • Cube surfaces.
  • As mentioned above, C++ source code is included.

Note: You might run into some shader errors after importing the asset due to a GameMaker marketplace import bug, but this can easily be solved by following the instructions in the "readme" script provided with the asset. Version 1.4.1763 of GameMaker has a DLL bug, but this has been fixed in a later version of GameMaker. A fix for version 1.4.1763 and other versions that might be prone to this bug is explained in the "readme" script. This fix will remove some of the asset's functionality.

Remember to read the asset's EULA:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.10. Published July 7, 2018

Updated the included DLL source code file. The old source code was for an older version of the DLL. The new source code includes the whole visual studio solution.

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