Sidescroller Iron Mummies

Brent Anderson

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These dusty dead come in 3 flavors: regular, axey, and spikey. All of them taste like ancient beef death jerky! They perform actions such as hopping, headbutting, chanting, flinching, and more. Rendered large so you can resize


imum_dustpart, 60x78, 9 frames

imum_lowring, 33x25, 1 frame

imum_midring, 58x34, 1 frame

imum_topring, 63x43, 1 frame

imum_V1_air, 131x224, 3 frames

imum_V1_attack, 282x210, 19 frames

imum_V1_brick, 80x165, 1 frame

imum_V1_cball, 72x173, 1 frame

imum_V1_chant, 187x240, 24 frames

imum_V1_die, 191x220, 15 frames

imum_V1_helm, 71x82, 1 frame

imum_V1_land, 125x209, 4 frames

imum_V1_loser, 98x196, 1 frame

imum_V1_ouch, 144x227, 4 frames

imum_V1_stand, 148x209, 22 frames

imum_V1_victory, 106x230, 12 frames

imum_V1_walk, 113x222, 10 frames

imum_V2_air, 166x225, 3 frames

imum_V2_attack, 302x219, 19 frames

imum_V2_brick, 94x165, 1 frame

imum_V2_cball, 85x180, 1 frame

imum_V2_chant, 210x253, 24 frames

imum_V2_die, 222x242, 15 frames

imum_V2_helm, 84x84, 1 frame

imum_V2_land, 163x211, 4 frames

imum_V2_loser, 109x196, 1 frame

imum_V2_ouch, 185x235, 4 frames

imum_V2_stand, 194x218, 22 frames

imum_V2_victory, 129x244, 12 frames

imum_V2_walk, 126x236, 10 frames

imum_V3_air, 185x224, 3 frames

imum_V3_attack, 283x221, 19 frames

imum_V3_brick, 122x165, 1 frame

imum_V3_cball, 123x175, 1 frame

imum_V3_chant, 189x240, 24 frames

imum_V3_die, 224x237, 15 frames

imum_V3_helm, 123x84, 1 frame

imum_V3_land, 185x209, 4 frames

imum_V3_loser, 65x196, 1 frame

imum_V3_ouch, 185x227, 4 frames

imum_V3_stand, 199x209, 22 frames

imum_V3_victory, 157x230, 12 frames

Plus more!

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 10, 2014

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