Sidescroller Zombies

Brent Anderson

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Ye almighty zeds. This pack contains 2 zombie variants, as well as crawling hands, hopping feet, and two different halves of zombie. They perform actions such as shambling, bludgeoning, biting, flinching, and more! Rendered large so you can resize to maximum effect.


zfoot_air, 58x68, 3 frames

zfoot_attack, 130x100, 14 frames

zfoot_die, 52x53, 13 frames

zfoot_ouch, 70x71, 4 frames

zfoot_stand, 56x60, 13 frames

zfoot_walk, 60x76, 8 frames

zhalf1_air, 149x141, 3 frames

zhalf1_arm1, 84x64, 1 frame

zhalf1_arm2, 81x84, 1 frame

zhalf1_attack, 186x146, 20 frames

zhalf1_body, 64x46, 1 frame

zhalf1_die, 163x103, 7 frames

zhalf1_head, 88x88, 1 frame

zhalf1_ouch, 197x127, 5 frames

zhalf1_stand, 160x78, 12 frames

zhalf1_walk, 151x86, 12 frames

zhalf2_air, 116x102, 3 frames

zhalf2_attack, 117x107, 16 frames

zhalf2_body, 34x48, 1 frame

zhalf2_die, 120x111, 12 frames

zhalf2_leg1, 90x58, 1 frame

zhalf2_leg2, 60x73, 1 frame

zhalf2_ouch, 110x104, 4 frames

zhalf2_stand, 101x81, 12 frames

zhalf2_walk, 148x114, 12 frames

zhand_air, 52x48, 3 frames

zhand_die, 65x76, 20 frames

zhand_grip, 41x39, 5 frames

zhand_ouch, 50x58, 4 frames

zhand_stand, 47x41, 12 frames

zhand_walk, 47x54, 10 frames

zomb_body2, 41x38, 1 frame

zomb_leg1, 50x72, 1 frame

zomb_leg2, 36x61, 1 frame

zomb_leg3, 59x73, 1 frame

zomb_leg4, 31x59, 1 frame

zomb_V1_air, 141x205, 3 frames

zomb_V1_arm1, 61x53, 1 frame

zomb_V1_arm2, 42x53, 1 frame

zomb_V1_arm3, 48x119, 1 frame

zomb_V1_arm4, 41x82, 1 frame

zomb_V1_attack1, 174x202, 18 frames

zomb_V1_attack2, 171x185, 18 frames

Plus more!

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Age Rating: 12+


GMS1 - Version 2.0.0. Published September 22, 2014

Added version 2 sprites for the zhand, ztorso, zfoot, and any applicable body parts.

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