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Build your own Coat of Arms!

This set contains all you need to build or generate a Coat of Arms. Every sprite is painted by hand to give a unique watercolor appearance.

  • 3 Outlines
  • 7 Base colors (tinctures) that follow the traditional heraldry rules
  • 5 divisions for all 7 colors (= 35 sprites)
  • 43 Sigils (charges), in two different colors (= 86 sprites)

= a total of 131 unique, handmade sprites

  • an array that contains all sprites, sorted by layout / space they need
  • a script that builds a random Coat of Arms, with up to 3 background tinctures and up to 2 charges, that do not overlap
  • a room and an object to demonstrate it

The size of the shield is 256 x 320 pixel.

You can also use the raw images in a graphics programm to combine your own, more complex Coat of Arms. Or you can use the sigils without the backgrounds for whatever you need them. You can also use the graphics outside of GameMaker.

While the colors are historically correct, the sigils/charges are geared more towards common RPG games and include: Heart, Coin, Star, 2 Moons, Eyes, flying Bird, old Knife, 2 Scrolls, Tulips, 3 Swords, elements: electricity/earth/fire/water, Arrows, Bow, 3 different Axes, 2 Trees, Tower, Paws, Shields, Scythe, Purse, Leafs, Skulls, 2 Fishes, Quill, crossed Knives, Roses, Cross, Grail, Snake, Crossbow, Beer Tankard and Sun. Most of them have one natural/"proper"/multicolor version and one flat coloring in the traditional tincture.

Everything in the pack is prefixed CoA_ to avoid conflicts. The sprites, especially the devisions, are named with the traditional heraldic terms: http://www.internationalheraldry.com/#tincture

Future plans:

  • Adding all 7 (tincture) + 1 (multicolor) color variations to all charges
  • Adding more divisions

What about those binary numbers!? - I use them to indicate which of the four fields is filled by the charge. This comes in handy when avoiding overlaps.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 9, 2014

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