Sidescroller Skeletons

Brent Anderson

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Spook index rising! A couple skeleton variants in a dark cartoony style, perfect for sidescrolling goodness. Walking, attacking, and flexing to name a few. Rendered large so you can resize to maximum effect. UPDATED 8-30-2014, added V2 run and die2.


skel_V1_cball, 80x135, 1 frame

skel_V2_cball, 80x131, 1 frame

skel_V1_air, 104x190, 3 frames

skel_V2_air, 102x188, 3 frames

skel_V1_attack1, 173x167, 12 frames

skel_V2_attack1, 173x165, 12 frames

skel_V1_attack2, 160x166, 12 frames

skel_V2_attack2, 160x163, 12 frames

skel_V1_die1, 136x168, 8 frames

skel_V2_die1, 136x167, 8 frames

skel_V1_die2, 173x183, 12 frames

skel_V2_die2, 173x183, 12 frames

skel_V1_ouch, 161x167, 4 frames

skel_V2_ouch, 160x164, 4 frames

skel_V1_land, 120x160, 4 frames

skel_V2_land, 117x156, 4 frames

skel_V1_loser, 126x171, 1 frame

skel_V2_loser, 126x171, 1 frame

skel_V1_walk, 140x165, 11 frames

skel_V2_walk, 140x161, 11 frames

skel_V1_run, 143x178, 11 frames

skel_V2_run,11 frames

skel_V1_stand, 157x159, 12 frames

skel_V2_stand, 157x156, 12 frames

skel_V1_victory, 148x164, 20 frames

skel_V2_victory, 149x162, 20 frames

skel_skull1, 56x90, 1 frame

skel_skull2, 56x89, 1 frame

skel_body, 45x63, 1 frame

skel_arm1, 31x100, 1 frame

skel_arm2, 29x99, 1 frame

skel_leg1, 40x67, 1 frame

skel_leg2, 39x67, 1 frame

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 2.0.0. Published August 30, 2014

Added V2 die2 and run

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