In-game console


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This adds a console to your game.

You can open it with ~ sign, and enter commands with arguments. Close with ~ or Esc.


  • you can define your own commands - as much as you need!
  • every command can get up to four arguments, optional or required
  • keyboard events are locked, so for example if you have platform game and you open menu with "M" key and have "music" command, writing it won't open menu
  • you can navigate trough history of 10 entered commands back/forward
  • every line can have it's own color
  • you can define number of lines to show, and changing font family/size will update console dimensions without any code changes!
  • supports LEFT/RIGHT for moving cursor/caret inside text, and HOME/END to go to start/end of current line!
  • ideal for special commands while you debug your game, or for players to enter passwords / cheats
  • works also under HTML5 !!!
  • sadly works only under PC (Win/Mac/Linux), as mobile doesn't support keyboard (but you can of course extend your GM and make it work also there).

Attached example show several commands, which you can display with "help" command.


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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 8, 2015

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