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This extention provides an easy way to add a logging console to your project. It supports multiple logging types which allows you to quickly see important messages, which allows for easy debugging during and after development.


  • Easy Setup and Removal
  • Clean Look and Feel
  • Different Message Types
  • Toggleable using F12
  • Configurable (Time / Number of Lines / Text)
  • Small Footprint

Setup / Installation

To install this extentions simply import it into your game and add the objScLogConsole object to the room you want it to be available in. Then just use the logging function in your code to output to the console.


Just remove the object from the room and the console will not be shown anymore. You can leave the logging function in as it automatically detects if there is a console present in the room.

Code Example

ScWriteToLog(0,"Log a debug message");
ScWriteToLog(1,"Log an info message");
ScWriteToLog(2,"Log a warning message");
ScWriteToLog(3,"Log an error message");

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 0.1.2. Published October 8, 2015

Added correct publishing certificate

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