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  • 3 Fully working weapons , all with there own stats , visuals and mouse pointers
    • Blue lazer (fast speed, little damage)
    • Green lazer (medium speed , medium damage)
    • Missiles (slow speed , high damage)
  • You can buy these weapons with the buy buttons
  • The whole shop gets his data from the weapon database so you can easily make more weapons or make modifications


  • Press ESC to bring up the pause menu
  • The game is paused and deactivates all objects
  • You can bring in variables of all kinds so the player can see them when the game is paused (3 examples are given - health , money and selected weapon)


  • Enemies work with different states
  • Spawning system with adjustable rate of spawns
  • They have basic line of sight
  • They destroy your money if you left some behind
  • They attack the player when the player attacks them
  • They have there own healthbars
  • They can warp around the screen
  • They drop loot (random coins between 1 and 5) , also there is a chance they drop a healthpack


  • Loot system (random coin drops for use in the shop)
  • Health packs (with spawner system)


  • Easy configurable thru globals (in the buttons)


  • Weapon select
  • Random visual wall system (put in the sprites and they are randomly generated each time the game starts)
  • Top-down movement and collision checks
  • HUD with updating stats like health , ammo , points ...
  • Lazers and missiles are destroyed when leaving the view (so no killing on the other end of the map)
  • FX for the weapons and when they collide with the walls / mobs
  • Works right out of the box (no macros or other things to setup first)
  • HOW TO .txt in include files on how to add weapons and store buttons
  • Commented code ...

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 6, 2015

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