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Improvements on the GML function move_wrap()

  • wrap to a defined range, rather than the room border
  • draw sprite overlapping the edge on wrap
  • check for collisions at both edges of wrap
  • doesn't depend on built-in GML speed variables; wrap is based on x and y position of the instance

Includes well-documented demo project.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 2.3.0. Published April 2, 2017

New function:

  • iw_collision_clear(): clears the value of the 9 collision “other_” variables set by the iw_collision_wrap() function, resetting them to noone. This can also be used to quickly initialize these variables, as in the Create event:

other_center other_left other_right other_up other_down other_up_left other_up_right other_down_left other_down_right

Note there is no equivalent function needed by iw_collision_wrap_map because it always returns a new ds_map.

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