Extended String Functions

Brandon Dixon

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These functions expand upon Game Maker's built in string functions. They offer extended position finding functions, explosion (division) functions, dictionary functions, comparison functions, occurrence functions, and more.

These make dealing with strings and string parsing much easier. They can help you with parsing internet data, save game data, and the like.

The help file is included as an included file with the package.

Here are all of the available functions:

  • string_array_1d_to_string(array)
  • string_array_1d_to_array(str_array)
  • string_count_multiple(ds_subs,str_main)
  • string_count_multiple_partial(str_main,ds_subs,int_left,int_right)
  • string_count_partial(str_main,str_sub,int_left,int_right)
  • string_distance(str_one,str_two)
  • string_divide(str_main,str_sub)
  • string_divide_multiple(str_main,ds_subs)
  • string_ds_list_to_string(ds_list)
  • string_ds_list_to_ds_list(str_ds)
  • string_find_occurence_multiple(str_main,int_index,ds_subs)
  • string_format_real(double_main)
  • string_is_word(str_word)
  • string_is_word_custom(str_word,str_file)
  • string_pad_left(str_main,str_pad,int_amount)
  • string_pad_right(str_main,str_pad,int_amount)
  • string_pos_ext(str_sub,int_index,str_main)
  • string_pos_ext_multiple(ds_subs,int_index,str_main)
  • string_replace_multiple(str_main,ds_subs,str_new)
  • string_replace_all_multiple(str_main,ds_subs,str_new)
  • string_replace_exclude(str_main,str_sub,str_new)
  • string_replace_exclude_multiple(str_main,ds_subs,str_new)
  • string_reverse(str_main)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 31, 2015

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