Random Terrain Generator

Lukas Tomondy

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This is random terrain generator for top down game. It is Super simple to set, yet powerfull in what it does. Only for your usage!

Features: -create random terrain on map -set spread(how huge you want it) -set how many hills to create -Top Down

(There are also comments but I post it also here) Guide:

  1. Import the Script, and two objects
  2. Put object "obj_randomGenerator" to your room

obj_randomGenerator - put it into your room. This will create points on map around which will the mountain be generated obj_hill - you can name it however you want, this is the hill object that will get generated around the points.

In "obj_randomGenerator":

hillNumber - it is the number of hills you want to generate object - obj_hill object you want to generate (this can be also water, dirt whatever you want, this is just tutorial) spriteSize - the size of sprite your object has, needs to be in 1:1 ratio!!(16x16,32x32,40x40 etc.)

In "obj_hill":

object - the same sa before spriteSize - the same as before

heightGen/widthGen - how big you want your mountain to be. The lower to 1, the bigger it gets. (Also more laggy, when you set it to 1 the game will crash)

Thats it, run the game and watch. If you have any questions or problems contact me on provided email.

I have also tile generator to this terrain generator but its more complicated. So if there will interest in it, I will upload it as well.

Tile generator - you generate your mountains or grass but how to set sides to sprite? How does sprite knows where to face so it looks nice? Well tile generator script takes care of it.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 5, 2014

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