Truth Discovered2 - Set of 5

Joshua West

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Pack of 5 ( Part 2 )

High quality > 320kbps > Stereo

I open my task manager while Testing these songs on all settings within game maker studio and the playback is great- even on highest settings. (48000hz, 16bit, 320kbps, Stereo, Quality 5)

This music set of 5 brings high quality music that is close within ambiance. allowing the music to flow more organically back to back. Enjoy!

if there are any styles of music you would like to have made available to you just send a email to [email protected] and make the subject " Music Style " ( that way I will be sure to see it. ) and sure enough, I will head to the studio and start creating!

again, enjoy the music set! (uploads can't exceed pass 50mb so I had to break up the set of 9 to (set of 4) and (set of 5) That was the only way I can make sure the songs remain at highest quality)

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published July 26, 2015

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