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GMS:1 Outdated This project, contains some really great scripts and a lot of information you can learn from but its compatibility as noted in a few reviews may have some problems now due to game maker updating fatures.

There is heaps of content in here to learn from and base your expanding ideas on so I would still recommend it.

RPG Creation Kit A cross platform, simple to use, compatible rpg framework for use within game maker.

Documentation Check the documentation on my website, its also included in the project.

Warning Early Access Please do not leave negative ratings, this project is in early access and is currently being actively worked on.

RPG Creation Kit Is:

Cross Platform With all exports of game maker, seamlessly works on phones, tablets, game consoles and pc desktop environments.

RPG Maker Compatible With a variety of Assets - charsets, tilesets, window skins etc plug into the engine with only minor work being required on the developers part.

Component Based Allowing all core engine features are to be simply 'unplugged' and replaced with your own implementations. Or expanded in the future with new features.

Event Driven All internal components communicate using an internal network of callbacks and runtime events allowing the user to respond to events in game with code, such as the selection of menu items, transitioning to a new room when a fade is completed.

RPG Creation Kit Features:

  • Resolution Independent Window and HUD Framework
  • Title Screens, In Game Menus
  • Items & Inventory
  • Dialogue System
  • Switches & Variables (RPG Maker Style)
  • Grid & Free Movement Systems
  • Tile Size Compatibility
  • String Interpolation
  • Screen Effects (Fade In, Out, Flash Color, Shake)
  • Screen and Camera Manager (Supports targeting for cut scenes)
  • Automatic Managed Save States
  • Abstracted Input Manager (Keyboard, Touch, Gamepad)
  • Modular Plugin Framework

And SO MUCH More! But I Ran out of description space check out [LINK COMING SOON] for the full list of features, documentation, engine plugins and more.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 17+


GMS1 - Version 0.0.6. Published December 15, 2015

New Features

  • Edit Switches In game at runtime with F9 (if debug enabled)
  • In Game Menu - Exit (Returns to title screen, Fades Out)
  • Title Screen Fades In
  • New Demo for Save State
  • Added CC0 Title Screen Background


  • Fixed demo project screen flash dialogue

GMS2 - Version 0.0.7. Published December 27, 2017

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