Car Weapon Race Engine


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This is a top-down 2D car racing game, where you can collect weapons and mines as power-ups to destroy your opponents while you race in 3 different races or drive around in the city in open game setup. Took 3months to develop, includes art and code of the actual game was tested on Google Play, but was removed later.

License: Make your own game, or use some of the assets, or just learn from the code. The main purpose is for you to learn, and use some of the art assets as a starting point or filler content in your game. You can sell games made with assets, not sell assets again! Plain and simple.

  • Features:
  1. Works with Multi-Touch on Android Tablets (target platform)
  2. Player starts in bar (lobby) where he can change controls position on device (in the toilet)
  3. 1x City Map, with lights and all art assets and tiles
  4. 3x Races with AI
  5. Lots of weapons and mines in a database script structure easy to modify and add to
  6. Cool particle effects, dust and skid marks of tires and explosions (optimized to run on Android)
  7. Cool art
  8. Weapons (Primary and Secondary)= Basic Bullet, Machine Gun, Lazer, Homing Missile, BFG homing as well as 2ndary Mines (3 types)
  9. SAVE / LOAD
  10. and more

Platforms: Was designed and only tested on Android Tablets! Should work on others, but we do not guarantee or support it.

NOTE: I do not offer support on this product anymore!!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published December 12, 2015

Fixes: 1. Added all constants as macros to the extension generic. 2. Re-linked all audio files, should work If not, then please check the project folder after you import and save a project, under the folder Extension and assets to link them manually at least and let me know via support email if you need help.

NOTE: After testing it still doesn't work as should automatically for both points above! After 3hours of updates, marketplace still messes this up, not my fault. I will for the next update, at least, fix the macros by coding them into scripts. Unfortunately, I now doubt there will be an auto fix for the audio "not found error" playing a windows 'ding' sound and you will have to manually relink them via GMS from project folders under extension>assets>audio, etc.

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