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With framed shapes you can easily draw ngons and rectangles with a frame. The frame and body do not overlap wich makes it possible to use alpha or draw to surfaces with premultiplied alpha.

Creation scripts are:

  • fs_create_ngon()
  • fs_create_round_ngon()
  • fs_create_rectangle()
  • fs_create_round_rectangle()

With the creation-scripts you can create a shape by setting:

  • size
  • frame width
  • RGBA for the shape's body
  • RGBA for the frame

For ngons you can additionally set:

  • number of corners
  • the rotation

For rectangles you can additionally set:

  • postion of the origin (9 positions like upper-left, center-center, lower- right) wich affects positioning, scaling and rotation
  • and whether the origin should be on the inside or outside of the frame

For rounded shapes you can additionally set:

  • rounding amount
  • rounding steps

Drawing scripts are:

  • fs_draw_shape()
  • fs_draw_shape_colour()
  • fs_draw_shape_transform()
  • fs_draw_shape_ext()

With the drawing-scripts you can draw any previously created shape and set:

  • position
  • scale
  • rotation
  • RGBA of the shape's body (only if you havent set that in creation)
  • RGBA of the shape's frame (only if you havent set that in creation)

Deletion scripts are:

  • fs_delete_shape()
  • fs_delete_all()

With the deletion-scripts you can:

  • delete an individual shape (shape ID and both d3d models)
  • delete all remaining shapes (and the list holding all shape IDs)

Download Demo:

You can download the executable demo here


Framed Shapes uses d3d-functions. If you want to export to HTML5 you need to enable WebGL in the Global-Game-Settings.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published June 10, 2015

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