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Always wanted to have better text inside your game? Want to use different colours and fonts mid-text but don't like to have different calls of draw_set_color, draw set_font and draw_text? You have to admit, this is ugly and makes your text less readable. Well look no further! bbtextbox is all you need. And the best part is: it's really use to adapt it to your own needs! (requires some GML knowledge)


  • Use simplified BBCode tags (like you do on a forum)
  • Nest different tags, even with the same type!
  • Change font, colour, alpha and the speed of how fast the letters appaer.
  • Set actions to play a sound efffect, change a background or something else... It's up to you! It's simple to add new tags and actions!
  • Documentation inside the asset to understand how it works!

Supported tags

  • [instant]: Immediately show all text
  • [skip] & [next]: close this messagebox
  • [color=col]: Change the colour to col
  • [font=fnt]: Change the font to fnt
  • [speed=spd]: Change the text speed to spd
  • [alpha=alp]: Change the alpha to alp
  • Some tags for actions (background, sprites, music, sound effects...)
  • Easy to extend, so if you miss something, add it yourself!

There is no tag for [i] and [b], this is because that requires the script to have knowledge about the fonts you have in your game. That's why we use the font tag (instead of 4 fonts per family/size). If you want to display something in bold, duplicate the default font, and make it bold. Now use this font name in [font=...] to go to bold text. If you want to simplify things, you could add them by yourself.

About the asset files

When importing all files you have the full demo. You can test with it, take a look at the source code. If you want to use it in a game, you can leave out the backgrounds, room and fonts. Don't forget to change the default font!

This is my first asset here, so if I overlooked something. Let me know!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 25, 2015

Initial version! Hurray!

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