Tile Base Platform Engine TBPE

David Richard

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Release the power of tiles to a whole new level!

Please note that Tile handling in GMS2 has been greatly improuved permitting better tile management than what GMS1 offers which makes this project more of a "What's possible" in GMS1. Because of GMS2 and other life changing events, no further developpement will be made in TBPE as of 2018-04-23. A huge and very big "THANK YOU" for those who supported it and all those still buying this asset.

Relieve yourself from numorous hours of object placement and tile drawing. Imagine creating your levels using only tiles without the need of objects. No more dupplication of your work by placing your tiles over objects. Just plain level creation from beginning to end in the "Tiles" tab of your rooms.

Game Maker Studio's very first complete tile based platform engine with the power of a basic RPG game and full pixel-perfect platform experience!


  • Animated tiles engine
  • Interactive tiles
  • Jump through tiles
  • Slippery tiles
  • Death trap tiles
  • Conditional solid and death tiles
  • Platform tiles from which you can drop off (using the down key)
  • One way walls tiles
  • Basic RPG system with health, strength and attack blocking
  • Solid pixel-perfect platform engine
  • Fully documented in a PDF file included in the package
  • Original sprites and tiles free to use in your own games

License The contents of this asset can be used for your personnal or commercial games without any restrictions. You are not authorised to use this package to build another tutorial or engine from its work nor give or sell all or part of this package. The only contents not restricted by these terms are the sounds and music which are royalty free and can be used and redistributed freely.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 2.0.0. Published April 3, 2016

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