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Script Essentials contains 20 scripts that will improve and speed up your code!

This pack includes:

Nput (3 scripts): A keyboard and gamepad (and virtual key if you use the inbuilt virtual key functions) system for avoiding duplicate code and easily skipping any need to remember to make bits of your game compatible with both keyboard and gamepads. Includes functions for gamepad thumbsticks and an easy system for faking repeating presses on menus (so you hold down a button and it scrolls through the options). Easily modifiable and expandable.

Text-drawing (7 scripts): Scripts for easily and quickly drawing text in a given font, a given alignment, a given font & alignment, in a circle (which you can then rotate and do other jazzy stuff with), with an outline, and with a shadow. The last few include several options as well for versatility.

String handling (6 scripts): Scripts for limiting the number of characters in a script, adding 0s to the start of a real for a nicer-looking scoreboard, adding thousand separators to a number for readability, converting a number of steps into a string of minutes, seconds, and centiseconds, moving a string towards a target string in interesting fashion, and abbreviating a real into thousands, millions etc.

Real handling (2 scripts): Round a real to the nearest n, or return a real to n significant figures.

Etc (3 scripts): Return true with n% chance, lerp two values with a minimum and maximum change, and set anti-aliasing to the largest that the player's computer can handle.

Also includes an example room showing all functions in action (see the screenshot for how it looks).

Once bought, use all this for your personal and commercial products! \o/

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published April 23, 2015

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