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Lost Astronaut Studios

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GML-Pro is my personal collection of utility functions, shaders, and also includes images and other data that is extremely useful in improving game mechanics, making higher-quality graphics experiences, handling data, networking and the like, and is the result of years of work at Lost Astronaut Studios ( ).

Additionally, I wish to document this work (all of the utility functions and their purposes and uses), and incorporate a few additional features. GML-Pro requires absolutely no extensions and is written in GML for GM:S 1.2 (available on Github)

This version is updated for GMS 2

GML-Pro also includes an extensive set of scripts that let you save and load a custom level format. With the swapping of the orders that the sample rooms load, you can see the advanced platformer engine that involves Box2d, pose-able characters, and more.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 2.3.1. Published January 21, 2021

yymps version for GMS 2.3.1

See repo for backward-compatible version back to GMS 1.2+ GMS 1.4 not supported

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