Block Tanks Pack 1

Castor Studios

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Go to war with Castor Studios Block Tanks Pack 1, a collection of 4 World War II tanks along with several accessories counting over 1700 images! Each tank sprite is provided in 5 different colors (green, tan, white, red & blue) and 24 angles. There are 2 hull sprite sets to allow tank track animation and a third set for the turret per tank. The large dimensions of the sprites provide plenty of detail and will allow you the flexibility to scale down to the exact size you need for your project.

Pack Contents:

  1. Tank 1 (American Sherman)

    a. Hull 1 Sprite: 264px X 186px

    b. Hull 2 Sprite: 264px X 186px

    c. Turret Sprite: 190px X 123px

  2. Tank 2 (Russian T-34)

    a. Hull 1 Sprite: 264px X 189px

    b. Hull 2 Sprite: 264px X 189px

    c. Turret Sprite: 270px X 169px

  3. Tank 3 (German Tiger)

    a. Hull 1 Sprite: 322px X 228px

    b. Hull 2 Sprite: 322px X 228px

    c. Turret Sprite: 334px X 206px

  4. Tank 4 (British Churchill)

    a. Hull 1 Sprite: 286px X 198px

    b. Hull 2 Sprite: 286px X 198px

    c. Turret Sprite: 208px X 133px

  5. Accessories

    a. Ammo Crate 1: 128px X 106px

    b. Fuel Drum 1 (Vertical): 72px X 106px

    c. Fuel Drum 1 (Horizontal): 102px X 101px

    d. Jerry Can 1 (Provided in green, tan, white, red, blue, black & yellow): 72px X 91px

    e. Shell 1 (Provided in black, red & blue): 24px X 26px

    f. Tank Trap 1: 124px X 134px

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.0. Published April 27, 2015

-Updated Tank 3 Hull Sprites. -Updated Origin for All Tank Hulls & Turrets. -Added Precise Collision Checking Options to All Tank Hulls.

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