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formLESS is a simple GUI framework that provides a set of useful and common "form components" that will help you build a rich user interface for your game.

What sets formLESS apart from other similar resources is that it doesn't even try to draw the GUI for you, instead it provides all the functionality and logic you need and lets you build on top of it, allowing you focus on how to present your interface (in this sense, formLESS is NOT a predefined GUI interface that works out of the box). This is possible because formLESS components are thought to be attached to GUI elements, not as part of them, and are therefore kept separate from their representation. This means that you create your own GUI objects, define how they will look, and attach a component to them to provide the required functionality. This way you don't need to modify nor even look at how component objects work, you just embed them an use their values in your objects.


  • Easy to use and extend
  • Design your own custom GUI on top of it, without digging into its code
  • Components: buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, select lists, toggle buttons / tabs, sliders, scrollbars, text and password fields.
  • Get started with the included example implementation
  • Detailed documentation


Documentation and install guide

Download demo

Forum topic

My assets: GMSDB (database system), GMGL (autoupdater & launcher), Autotiles Helper (auto tiling system), Jade UI (UI sprites)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published March 9, 2015

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